Nxtgencoin addresses the primary problem of major
cryptocurrencies: extreme volatility

Nxtgencoin will be used to develop a diversified portfolio of equity positions in the numerous
emerging growth companies. Coin holders will, therefore, be stakeholders of a major global
fund of innovation and will receive dividends.

portfolio target:
US$225 Billion

We have lofty goals, but success is never guaranteed.

Meet our portfolio companies

Nxtgencoin is
well‑positioned to
become a leading
crypto brand

Nxtgencoin is assets-backed, publicly reporting,
audited and SEC-compliant cryptocurrency,
unlike assetless cryptocurrencies
of the First Wave.

Executive team

Silvina Moschini

Founder and President

Alex Konanykhin

Founder and CEO

Andrew Winn

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Smirnov

Chief Information Officer

Richard Devlin

General Counsel


Position yourself at the forefront of innovation
by investing in NXTGenCoin today, the rising star
that outshines Bitcoin, offering a new era of potential
in the world of digital currency.

    asked questions

    Find answers to common inquiries about
    NxtGenCoin, its features, acquisition,
    security, and future plans.

    What is NxtGenCoin?

    NxtGenCoin stands as a distinctive digital currency under our ownership. It leverages advanced blockchain technology to offer efficient solutions for various digital interactions and exchanges.

    How does NxtGenCoin ensure security?

    NxtGenCoin places a strong emphasis on security measures through the implementation of cutting-edge cryptographic techniques. The secure network structure and advanced protocols collectively work to protect the integrity of the coin.

    What lies ahead for NxtGenCoin?

    The future of NxtGenCoin holds exciting potential. Our roadmap includes a continuous series of technological enhancements, exploration of potential partnerships, and a diverse range of applications. Stay updated by regularly visiting our official website and following our social media channels.

    How can NxtGenCoin compete with Bitcoin?

    NxtGenCoin holds several strengths that contribute to its competitive edge over Bitcoin. With its energy-efficient transactions, scalability, and customized use cases, NxtGenCoin aims to provide sustainable growth. By emphasizing environmental responsibility, strategic partnerships, and responsive development, NxtGenCoin strives to maintain consistent gains and resist downward trends.

    What makes NxtGenCoin unique?

    NxtGenCoin stands out for its energy-efficient transactions and tailored use cases, offering competitive advantages in the cryptocurrency landscape.

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