10 key phrases from the crypto world

  • Blockchain: although this is sometimes confused with the concept of crypto itself, this is actually the technology that crypto is built on. It’s a chain of blocks holding the information that can’t be modified, which is what makes it reliable as a record of cryptocurrency transactions.


  • Exchange: these are the spaces where you can buy or sell your crypto, exchanging it for other cryptocurrencies or conventional currencies, such as dollars or euros.


  • Diamond hands: is a term used to refer to investors who are able to hold on to their cryptocurrency without selling despite the pressure they might be exposed to or any drops in the market.


  • Paper hands: are the opposite of “diamond hands” . These investors sell their cryptocurrencies at the first sign of a drop in price.


  • Staking: is a strategy that involves acquiring cryptocurrency and holding it in a wallet that allows profits to be earned. Not all currencies permit this.


  • Trading: is the action of buying and selling cryptocurrency in order to make money based on your predictions of what will happen on the market.


  • Wallet: you can keep cryptocurrency in a digital wallet. These are accessed via unique private keys, which keep them safe from loss.



  • Hodl: “Hold On For Deal Life” is the mantra of the “holders” . It reworks the traditional phrase “hold on for dear life” in tribute to a viral post from a user who recommended keeping hold of crypto to avoid losing money by selling at a loss. It’s become a kind of philosophy for those who sustain that crypto is the future of money and that the best strategy is to hold indefinitely.


  • Whale : refers to an investor who has the power to impact the market because they hold so much crypto that it can generate movements in price when they sell. Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase , has an estimated fortune of 6.5 billion dollars in crypto, which makes him a whale, but it’s not known which coins he has invested in.

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